I've been playing guitar for about 6 months, and for that length of time, I'm not very good, since I just played power chords for most of it...

The only solo I can do at the moment is the smells like teen spirit solo, if you can actually call it that, and I don't have a huge music collection, and most of it is ACDC and GnR or Black Sabbath, so a bit difficult for me (I suck.)

Can anyone recommend me any more solo's, that are a bit more difficult than teen spirit, but preferably don't require to much speed, as that's something I'm struggling with atm.
Rock and Hard rock is preferred, and not sunshine of your love... I hate that solo.

Nothing else matters- Metallica. You don't have to be super fast to play this, but it is harder than s.l. teen spirit solo though. Check it out!
Just had a look at nothing else matters- looks good, `cat scratch fever` also looks quite doable, as there's only two short fast sections, and they are just scales, although lots of bending!
IMO..Open Fire from the lesson book/cd Heavy Metal Guitar v1 by Troy Stetina.. a kool,easy and enjoyable solo to learn..
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