This is just a brief idea I had, and there's a good chance it wouldn't work properly, but here goes...

I was thinking of running a wire from the hot output all the way down the neck. It woul be exposed and on a part of the neck that I wouldn't usually be touching while I'm playing, but it wouldn't be uncomfortable to reposition my fretting hand to touch it. When I'm playing, I could touch my hand to this wire while keeping at least one finger on the strings, meaning that the signal from the pickups is diverted to ground - effectively a killswitch.

There are some obvious problems with this idea. My hand probably isn't the best conductor. And I'm guessing there'd be tons of noise from the ~50cm of exposed wire. But it's an idea worth considering, right?

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IDK, you could try it out with some bare wire just at the control cavity.
From the diagram it looks like you would hit it alot by accident?

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Two major problems with this as far as I see.

Running a half a metre wire from the hot tab of your output jack is just going to act as a big antenna. You'll be picking up loads of noise and EMI.

Second, your body is not a very good conductor. Touching the hot wire may just make the noise worse.
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Yeah, that will just go "BUZZZZZZ BUZZZZZ" when you touch it, that's my bet.


When you touch the strings to stop the buzzing on a guitar with singlecoils, it is YOU that is getting connected to ground, not the guitar going to ground through you.

Your body acts like an antenna for all the EMI that is floating around from flourscent lighting systems, CRT screens (if anyone still uses them) and just in general. When you touch the strings or bridge all that interference passes straight to ground and the buzz stops. If you were to touch part of the wiring which is connected to the hot side of the signal then the buzz would pass along your signal chain and into your amp.
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just get a regular killswitch?

i thought there's a pedal (ehx?) that does stutter effects
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