We are MAJIN, a post metal/sludge/doom/atmospheric band based in Warwickshire/Worcestershire. At the moment, we are a drummer, bassist, guitarist, and singer/synth & samples. We have a few songs written, and are looking for another guitarist to add t the sound.

We practise at Dragonfly Studios in Evesham (which the drummer owns) and play with 7 string guitars and 5-6 string bass (in the drop G tuning so 6 string guitarists who fancy tuning down to that are welcome!)

We currently play a mix of sludgy metal with hints of atmospheric post rock/metal so if you are interested, please let me know!

Influential bands include Cult of Luna, Black Sheep Wall, ISIS, Amenra, Russian Circles, Rosetta, Devil Sold His Soul, Gaza, etc etc etc!

PM me if interested. Here is a demo done about a year ago with the guitarist and vocalist/synth guy