I'm training downpicking at let's say 180 bpm max. when I'm speeding up my wrist stops moving and all comes to elbow. What to do, is that a serious problem? Please for some technique advice, excercise or I don't know?
Stop doing it.

Seriously, it's happening because you're not able to play that quickly, so you're just tensing up and spazzing your arm at the strings.

You need to accept the fact that you can't play that fast - yet. Slow down, use the metronome to keep you at a tempo where you're able to play things comfortably and correctly and focus on accuracy, economy of movement and control...get better at those things and you'll be able to play faster. Anytime things start to go south and fall apart it means you sped up too soon.

You're not going to fix this overnight either, it takes as long as it takes but it's not unreasonable to say give it 6 months then see what progress you've made.
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OK, thanks for that, I mean my impatience is pushing me and I need something to make myself sure of my work on instrument