Clearing out a bunch of stuff

Make me offers, might be interested in trades, just ask

Line 6 fm4
Boss RT-20
Digitech Whammy
TC - Nova repeater
Rocktron austin gold
Ibanez 60's fuzz
Danelectro cool cat fuzz (the coveted v1)
Danelectro cool cat distortion
biyang chorus
Digitech jamman 4 button
Danelectro wasabi delay
Digitech vocalist live 2 harmonizer

Vox night train 15 amp head (with brand new power amp tubes)
Marshall 1912 cabinet

Left handed les paul special:
Mahogany body
set neck
GFS p90' pickups
Great sound and player


I seldom use this place so please email me at lefthandman123@hotmail.com if you are interested in anything. Thanks.