Pretty good stuff, i liked the ambient nature it held throughout. The guitar part that came in around 30 seconds sounded a little bit off to me, and one spot i think the tremelo was a bit off time, but other than that, a very chill piece of music. I enjoyed taking a listen

Could possibly c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1522123
Those guitar harmonics are great and that beat mixes really well. I imagine a bunch of clocks ticking just my imagination i guess. The delay on the strumming is a nice touch as well as the atmosphere I'm hearing. I don't think there's much to improve on this other than adding vocals. I always think that writing music is great but writing vocals is a whole different ball game. Poetry with this would suffice to say would be great!

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I really like this. Great ambient feel throughout. The percussion sounds too....I don't know how to describe it..."dull" perhaps? Not the playing. The playing is great. The tone is what doesn't sit too well with me. Maybe it's just me though. Great track.

completely forgot I made this thread... will get to commenting all your guys' work now

@hagstrom I'll take a look and check to see the timing at the part you were talking about. thanks for pointing it out

@jonathan yeah I agree vocals would be nice but I'm not exactly sure how I would employ them in such a short little piece

@harlot the percussion is just guitar with the low end EQ'd higher up and some delay added and then looped so I can definitely see how that'd be a bit dull but I used it more to keep some sort of rhythm in the song

The tone may be from the strings that were around a month and a half old, or just because of my epi's stock pickups but I don't think that'll be a problem anymore since I'm ordering a nice PRS possibly tonight

I really appreciate all your critiques and will get right to critiquing your music!
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Fine song, it has really interesting vibe I can't say anything bad about it, but I would add some heavier part after about 1:30 minute, of course you'd have to recompose the ending, so it would fit, but you could also leave it as it is (I mean the style), just make the song longer. Nonetheless good work.

Cheers and if you have some time
Very nice! The percussion intro had me interested from the very start. and the guitar line complements it really well. great guitar tones. The outro was a little repetitive, I would've liked to hear it build more. A couple more layers or a link back to the intro guitar line, i'm not really sure but it needed something. I do love that intro.

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