Dear forum,

Recently, My father's been thinking about picking up the bassguitar again.
We already own a Maya Jazzbass, but the amp which came with it is no longer working properly.

Which amp would you guys recommend to practise with?

- He's mostly interested in playing reggae and ska, gain isn't a neccesity.
- Would like it to sound as 'dry' as possible.
- It wouldn't have to top a drummer, and won't be used to perform.
- Preferably a combo for convenience.
- It's hard to name a price, but preferably as cheap as possible.
- Willing to go used.
- Live in the Netherlands.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!
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Well if it's just a practice amp, it really doesn't matter what it sounds like, does it?

Most combos are a single 8/10/12 inch speaker and most of the head units that come with them sound pretty much the same.

I'll say that Hartke, GK, and Acoustic make good 12" combo units.
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Jazz bass + series switch and flat wounds, tone rolled off. Acoustic or Peavey etc used combo with a 1x15"