Here I came again for asking your knowledge about a good distortion pedal, with amplification built in (I guess it's called Phantom Power or something similar). I want it to be arround 100€... What shall I get?

Wat... never heard of a distortion pedal with a built in amp and phantom power

You're likely mixing this up with multi effects pedals.
Probably xD I've heard this from a friend, maybe it's his mistake

Well, I've searched a bit and what you think of Boss MT2? It seems nice...

I will play mainly metallica and megadeth, so what's theb est pedal for this?
I guess you just want to hook a headphone up to a pedal and play it this way?
I dunno if this is a good solution, but I have a couple of pedals that have an emulated output. I plug my guitar in the input, headphones in the emulated out and of course plug in the adapter for power

Works for me.

I do it with pedals from AMT electronics.
Awesome thingies
Hmm, thanks for the opinion... Does the Pocket Pod, as a whole differente variety of effects, makes a good job for the price?
Pocket pods are good, infact Brendon Small some times uses a line 6 pod for some of the recording on the show Metalocalypse.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EklCWRoggAE Heres a guy actually using a pocket pod for a cover from metalocalypse, and if you think he sucks at playing its cause hes covering Toki's solo which toki tried to rerecord after accidentally deleting Squisgars solo.

Id suggest getting the pod 2 if you can save up a bit more.
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phantom power and an amplifier are very different thing. an amplifier, generally speaking, makes things loud. phantom power is used to run things like condenser microphones from a mixing console. you definitely will not be finding a distortion pedal that has phantom power because it just doesn't make sense. thats not what phantom power is for.

that being said, why do you think you want a built in amp or phantom power? knowing why you want it will help us send you in the right direction
Well, I have bought an Ibanez S420, and I'm completely satisfied with it. But now I wan't to link it to a "thing" that can stream sound through usb, have a jack output for headphones and effects...

Yesterday a friend of mine told that makeing my own stompbox multieffects chain would have a much better sound than buying those multieffects pedals or gadgets... But it probably is not what I am looking for, is it?
Here I know what you can do now. Buy this http://www.jr.com/ubi-soft/pe/UB_58688/
now download Asio4all, Reaper, and Shred 1.06.
There now you have a ton of fx, amps, and recording capability and it only costed you $30.

Thats exactly what I did in this video, I use to run through a M-Audio Fast Track and used protools but my fast track died so I resorted to this and personally I think that Reaper loaded with shred 1.06 actually sounds better, its deffinately more flexible.
But whith that I can only play with a computer near me... That's not what I want... If I can give a bit more and have effects and built-in amp, the better it gets...

And I'm from europe, It would cost me a bit more for transport
It sounds like what you want is either a Line 6 Floor POD or Pocket POD. Both of them can be used by themselves with headphones, or they can go into an amp and work like a multi-FX unit. The Floord model has more features but obviously needs to go on the floor, it's a bit big. The Pocket model is rather limited and doesn't sound as good, but it's cheaper and much smaller.

You can't get plain distortion pedals that also work as an amplifier. You either have a distortion pedal going in to an amplifier or you have one of these multi-FX devices.

Your friend is right that having a lot of stompboxes does give you a better sound than having just one multi-FX unit, but obviously having a lot of pedals is going to cost more and you can't plug headphones in to regular stompbox pedals or use them as an amplifier.
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That's a lot more costy :/ And as I am a begginer the pocket pod is enough, isn't it? I really have no consistent opinion on the pocket pod... What do say about it?
Just go for the pocket pod if you cant save up enough for a Pod 2 or floor pod. Pocket Pod is not bad, it just doesnt have quite as much extra bells and whistles as the other pods.
The Pocket POD sounds okay. It's basic and of course it doesn't sound as good as the more expensive models or as good as a proper pedal through an amp, but as far as multi-FX go that you can use as an amp by itself and plug headphones into, it's alright.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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