Im wanting to trade either my Jackson RR5 or my Ibanez RGT6EXFX for a nice cab

Jackson RR5 has the cream finish. Seymour Duncan SH4 and Jazz. Great condition aside from a couple of dings on the points. The biggest and most noticable one is in the pictures below. The smaller horn has a much smaller one on the back side though so it isnt very noticeable. Aside from that it is still in great shape. Plays extremely well. Does not have a case.

Ibanez RGT6EXFX is a shredders dream. Black finish. Neck Thru, EMG 81/85, original Ibanez form fit hardshell case, Hercules strap locks. This guitar is in fantastic shape aside from a little buckle rash on the back.

I am wanting to trade one of these guitars for a nice loaded cab. I would be interested in any closed back Recto cab. I would love to get the Recto vertical 2x12 but would be happy with any of them. I would also be interested in several others like Orange, Vader, or Avatar cabs. If you think you have something that I would be interested in let me know. I prefer V30s but could possible take something else.




You now get some prices. $575 for the Jackson and $525 for the Ibanez. Need a new cab soon so I can be flexible with the price. Shoot me an offer.

Located in the Midwest United States. Will ship within US only