so this is a quick progression I came up with and wondered what you all thought of it, its is going to be a part of a latin instrumental I've been wanting to make and was wandering if it had that latin quality to it. and if so do you like the sound in itself? also if there is any one strumming pattern you think is better than the other that would be nice information aswell.
Has a Latin sound at times. The parts that are the most Latin sound best to me (though I don't listen to much Latin music, Santana is the most Latin music I listen to). I'd rather have a higher quality audio mp3 than a video, but that's just me. I like the chords/song, though it could use some practice. Carry on! Please review my music at this link:

an IPOD is really all I have for a recording. I have no really high quality recording equipment. this was just a concept of sorts really, just to see if it sounded latin . I'll continue to work off of this later.
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I really enjoyed it man, why the video has 1 dislike idk. I thought it was pretty great! I dig it!
I really don't know why either to be honest, maybe they didn't know what a chord progression was and were expecting a whole song? its really non of my business thats why the dislike button is there, to express disliking. thanks though I appreciate a positive review, I really have another latin progression I came up with and am looking for some way to bridge them together.
Definitely has that "zorro" sort of vibe to it. I like the two/three chords but it's more of a vamp than a progression (it's only three chords). I would add some more chords after that G chord (at least it looks like a G chord) to build some tension/resolution.
I was actually looking for a chord that was lower than the E to go before it.
Okay so, the part that gives it the most latin/spanish quality is the changes from the Emajor to the Fmajor, the rest of the chords just sort of shape the overall vibe of the progression and sort of balances out the less latin-like qualities. You should maybe try to add some more dynamics by strumming softer at certain parts. You can try using a Dminor or a Cmajor to maybe bridge this to another progression.

But if you really wanna sound more latin, you should try out strumming without a pick and involving some percussive slaps! check out lessons from this dude, it might be of interest to you: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LZ4BiCCoWA&feature=related

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1519446
Is that a 12 string? Very nice indeed not bad for a the video quality. +1 to devilzdj4 the mariachis use there fingers. So you might want to practice that style of fingering if u plan on refining your latin sound. I would look into the song dust in the wind for a good struming pattern once u get that song down a lot of possiblilities unfold and you can use it on many chords with a good outcome.

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Thanks for the crit on mine.

I listened to the updated version. Quite a nice progression. Could certainly be fashioned into a full song, think it'd sound cool but you could benefit from some better recording equipment. After 50s the strumming seemed to change slightly, it was ok but I thought better the first part of the video. Overall has a nice Latin feel, like you were going for.
Hey, thanks for the feedback man!

The strumming pattern could be a little more consistent, I noticed some small tempo jumps there. I think the grooviest strumming happened at 0:40-0:50 into the video. Actually I think you stole my idea of moving the Emaj chord shape around >=) All in all it's a nice chord progression and it could definitely be made into a full-blown song, also the 12-string adds a nice feeling to it!
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I like the chord-use, but the playing needs to be a lot tighter in itself. Nice guitar. I've been looking into getting a 12-string sometime. Everybody else has said all that could be said for a progression. It captures the Latin feel quite nicely. I'd like to hear this made into a full song.

why thank you, I'll refine the playing as I actually make the song in an organized way, that was just kind of a preliminary idea of it and I'm still experimenting with strumming patterns a bit. and if you get one Alvarez makes a quality product, I know because the one in the video is an Alvarez, just an older one. and luckily my dad was a guitar player before me. so he had a couple guitars, a nylon classical, a nice electric, and the 12 string. after playing this, I think its well worth the $900 he payed for it.