So I'v decided to add a few things to my guitar to increase its versatility. I'm getting a kill switch not only for the stutter effect when playing but there's something nice about being able to turn your guitar 'off' when needed. I taught an American who had a heavily modified Strat. He had these 2 switches that increased the Bass and/or Treble which seemed useful. What are your suggestions? (I'm also a HUGE Jack White fan so anything he has, I NEED )
I'd say from personal experience that you should get an arcade button, I've got a massive pink one in my guitar and it is super fantastic. You can look at some here Aracde buttons
They are pretty cheap and a massive step from cheap square ones.
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That's probably one of the best ideas I'v ever heard haha thanks so much. I'm a sucker for quirky/retro gadgets!