So I found my moms old record player along with a "Hotel California" record (which is not the record on it in the pictures, I know). She said she has Boston and Styx records somewhere too, but being a 17 year old I think this is the coolest thing ever. I cleaned it up and got it running, but I need to fix the "auto" feature and the speakers (which I hope isn't too difficult).

back view

side view

front view

Do you guys think it's worth fixing? I would use it but before I dive into it I want to know if I'd be way in over my head. Opinions pit! GO!
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Styx <3 highschoolers.
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Does it have built in speakers (the broken ones)? it looks like it has outputs on the back so I think you'd get better sound if you bought some cheap bookshelf speakers and used those instead.
Delirium, isn't that a tad extreme? I don't remember all her records.

Kaptink, It does have built in speakers and it does have a speaker output in the back.

Would the auto feature at least be worth fixing? when I put the record down and flip it to auto, it doesn't do what it should so I do it manually.

Also, is the track supposed to be a little wobbly?
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