i have an ibanez rg 370dx and im a complete noob when it comes to action adjustment. what would be the recommended action for ibanez? and moreoever do i need to adjust the truss rod for action adjustment? if yes then how?
About 2mm at 12th fret roughly if you talk to most shredders. But as I tell everyone with action related questions, you should just find a good balance between lack of retbuzz and comfort. Just try to reduce the buzz as much as possible *raise the action* then lower it till its comfortable for you to play without having any buzz coming through the amp.
how do i know weather i need to adjust the truss rod or not? or shud i just lower the bridge?
Here is what you do, set your guitar on the floor with the neck up, look down the length of the fretboard. If the neck is bending backwards then you need to give it some relief *righty tighty lefty loosy*. If the neck is perfectly straight then you might still want to give it about 1/8" of a turn of relief. Remember to only turn the truss rod about 1/8" of a turn at a time. Some will tell you 1/4" turns but in my opinion smaller adjustments are better though it may take a little longer to do.
To check if you need to adjust the truss rod you do like this. Hold down the first fret and the fret where the neck joins the body at the same time. Then you check the clearence between the string and the 8th fret. It should be between 0,3-0,5mm. More or less than that and you adjust the truss rod accordingly.


The recommended action on your guitar is 1,5mm on the treble side and 2,0mm on the bass side. This is with .009 strings. With .010 it's 1,7mm and 2,3mm. And this should be measured at the 14th fret.
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Don't touch the truss rod if you don't know what you're doing or why you're doing it. It doesn't happen every time, but adjusting the truss rod incorrectly can cause severe damage to your guitar's neck.

As for action, it's all personal taste. Some people try to get their action at less than 2mm at the 12th fret. Other players find their playing gets sloppy with action below 2mm; some people like action as high as 4mm. It's all down to what you find is the best balance between comfort and accuracy. Remember that the thicker your strings are the higher they'll need to be, and if you pick/strum very hard then it can be a good idea to raise the action a little higher as well. You may hear stories of people with action like 0.3mm, but that's always exaggerated; the strings can't clear the frets properly with action like that and you'll just get buzz everywhere. So long as you can play comfortable and accurately without fret buzz, don't worry about it too much.
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the truss rod is NOT to adjust string height (action). It is to adjust the curvature of your neck (called relief). Sledgeman's instructions for checking relief are right on. If the neck doesn't have enough relief, loosen the truss rod (counter clockwise). If too much, tighten. Only move the truss rod about 1/4 turn. leave the guitar set for awhile and recheck.

Your action is adjusted primarily at the bridge. I'm not a floyd rose guy, so I'll let someone else explain that... there are tons of websites that explain it in great detail as well (Google setting action on Floyd Rose).