so im going to keep this as simple as i can.

im looking at getting some pedals to go with my recently bought mesa dual rectifier and my orange Orange PPC-412A angled cab

Budget - umm ill start at 400?

Genres - i mostly if not always play metalcore hardcore , whatever core you want to call it.
i dont really have favorite guitarists i just have favorite bands... august burns red , parkway drive , as i lay dying , killswitch engage.

yes i need cleans

New or Used - i want new stuff

Home or Gig - im starting a band and were looking at doing some small/med gigs at the local youth center n such , but i will be using it at home for prac and we are also going to be recording soon , if that's relevant

Closest City - i live in Australia nsw 2540 ... i know everything in aus is overpriced

Current Gear - i currently have the mesa head and cab , a maxon overdrive and a boss tuner.

the pedals im thinking of are just simply some sort of noise compressor or gate. possibly an eq. i dont need a delay because my mate a good one. and for power supply.. i was just thinking t rex junior or dc brick

so im after some suggestions please.
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New or Used - i want new stuff

You might want to reconsider that. The good thing about pedals is that they don´t loose value after the initial drop and keep quality. My stuff is second hand almost exclusively and I would always recommend that. You just get better stuff for your money.
T rex is a good choice as far as my experience goes( replica, roommate, power supplies).
mxr 10band eq, isp decimator

you should check out a chorus pedal too, it can really fatten up some of your tones and give a really great feel that works well with abr, parkway kind of stuff, especially with cleans
I have a Ibanez/Maxon DDL, Modded Small Stone Nano , Fish n Chips EQ, Ibanez whateverfuzz (sentimental, Hellfuzz 666). A fuzz I built, Bazz Fuss. Theres gotta be something else. Oh, a T-Rex Sustainer.

Only one I have used in the last few weeks is the compressor, and thats jsut a little bit for cleans. Reverb is in the room I play in.

Pedals are fun. IDK I didn't even read the first post. Get what you NEED, then things to play with. I didn't need any of this crap TBH I could have a head for my 4x12 instead, but it's funs!
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Cheap - Boss GE-7 and NS2.

More expensive - MXR 10 band and ISP Decimator.
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