My band recently recorded this song for a friend's birthday. I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to recording/mixing so any comments would be appreciated.
Thanks for listening

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Walk in on your wife with another man.
Kill them both.
Go to prison in Louisiana.
Have conversation with the Devil.
Instant harmonica asskickery.
Got the porn music feel throughout the entire song. Excellent feel. Vocals need to be louder in the mix. Hard to hear at times. Vocals are really good. I think the bass could be bigger, funkier, and more prominent. It's just thrown in the back. For this style of music, I would put the focus almost entirely on the rhythm section before the guitar tracks. Gotta have a standout groove. It's a must. Maybe throw some reverb/slight echo on the vocal track? It could add a whole lot more to the song. I really like this. Sweet lyrics.

Critique for critique?