I want to get into building effect pedals but I don't know where to start. I would buy stuff on pedalpartsplus.com. But what about the pcb board?? How do I make one? Any help would be appreciated.
If you're new, it's probably best to get a few builds under your belt before making a pcb yourself. There are places like General Guitar Gadgets and BYOC that sell both pcb's and kits, and sites like Madbean and GuitarPCB that just sell pcb's.

You could either do a kit build, so you don't have to do any sourcing of parts, or just buy the pcb and source the parts yourself, which will cost more in the beginning since you have nothing to start with.

I started building with radioshack parts and perfboard. Never went the kit route, but for a lot of people it's a great way to start.
I'm thinking about building a pedal or so when summer comes around, and I'll probably just get a BYOC kit.
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A kit sounds a good way to go. Or something simple like a killswitch or a looper. Check out Beavis Audio/ it's a really great resource and has lots of helpful info, particularythis. In the UK I buy a lot of parts from Dr Tweak, but I buy enclosures, jacks, feet and solder from Mouser, RS, RapidOnline or Farnell. Things start getting a bit more complicated when you want to paint the encosure but a good place to start is the plastikote spray paints, or enamels (I have never used either but a lot of people do use them, I use Hycote Spray paints which are excellent but do chip easily).