Hello all, decided it's maybe time to start asking for some feedback:
I've been a guitar player for a while now yet recently I've been experimenting with ambient and electronic music, with the aim to do so whilst not neglecting my guitar.

Two tracks that I'd love an opinion on, are:

This piece of music I wrote primarily using a MIDI keyboard in conjunction with synths, instrument samples etc.
It is at the end that I felt compelled to add a (hopefully) climatic guitar solo.

I unintentionally ventured away from my regular sound here. Starting with a tapping guitar riff I'd prewritten, I added an orchestral synth with a delay that ended up sounding reminiscent of House music (or something similar).
I pursued this, this time implementing a slightly less indulgent guitar solo.
(My preference for lead work stems from my deficiencies in guitar rhythm).
Would love to hear people's thoughts, any criticism is valuable.
Quote by Buck's Student
This isn't Ambient. It's kind of Post-Rock, but not Ambient.

Well when I say Ambient I wasn't really referring to a specific music genre, more just to a relation to atmosphere and stuff. However I can see where you're coming from. I wasn't really aiming for any direction though, just experimenting; no rigid aims . I am finding those links interesting nonetheless.