I can't stand R. Kelly, but I actually liked this so that should count for something

For having only been singing for such a short period of time, I think this isn't half-bad. My only criticism is that your guitar sounded just slightly out of tune, but that's not the end of the world. And if I were you, I might consider raising it up a half-step or so because it sounded like you were stretching to hit the low part of "rope" in the chorus, but then again you may just as well be able to train yourself to hit that note with more ease the more comfortable you get with singing. All in all, man, good job! Keep at it!
Hey man, I really really enjoyed it! Good job! After watching this, I really wish I could sing along with my playing because when you can sing, you can achieve another form of expression through your music. Keep up the playing man. It truly is an inspirational song and you did an awesome cover of it!
Never heard the song before but your version sounded solid as far as I can tell. A couple places your voice couldn't quite reach the high notes but otherwise pretty good considering you haven't been singing long.
Youve done a good job again man! Im extremely impressed with your voice since you've just started singing. Your lightyears ahead of where I was when I was just starting. I liked the rythm you came up with for the guitar, it worked out well. The song came together nicely by the end. My only critique for you on this one is to simply practice the song more. As soon as you tighten everything up its going to sound really good. Keep up the hard work man
Hey man, thanks for commenting my cover! I'm really impressed of your work. It is interesting to hear some different genre in this forum. However, you nailed that song imo, everything was just perfect for me. It would be very interesting to see how far you can go. Keep it up, great cover!
I liked it overall mate,
The guitar seemed pretty decent throughout and the vocals weren't bad at all it worked well together. I wish I could sing and play the guitar at the same time I can't seem to do the both a the same time so for that I respect you nice work my friend