so i have been down lately, have been doing more covers than writing. I really needed to get these emotions out some how though haha. yes its a long name, but its the initials of a girl, so yeah. It was a late night recording so my voice is very weak on the upper register, also using the rock band mic doesn't help


Its about love, hate, wanting to get away from everything and everyone, standard stuff i write about haha

anyway crit, comment, like, dislike i love all the comments

and C4C as always
Guitar chords are good, most of the playing is good, though playing could be tighter in one spot. Vocal sound is pretty unique; singing is pretty good. Some odd distortion in the song at times. The song itself is good. Hopefully Natalie hasn't tormented you too much.....but it's all worth it for the music! Please review my music at this link:

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thanks guys! yeah i know the vox are alittle screwy, but i think i might re record this when i gt a new mic, i shall check yours out!
I really like your song, nice work, though I noticed that one or two notes of the solo don't fit too well, I guess your fingers slipped on the neck. Nonetheless fine stuff, besides vocal and playing reminds me of Kurt Cobain in some way. I know it's different, but...

Keep up the good work and if you have some time:
This is a prime of example how lively vocals can make a song. I like how much feeling you put into your vocals. Very eye opening. It's that sound that when you pass by and hear it you put down whatever it is your doing and just listen. Excellent song writing here. I agree with the Kurt Cobain reference we need more artists like you. Not that you sound anything like him but it's just the same energy.

9/10 would love to hear a studio recording of this in action

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thats about the nicest thing ive ever heard about one of my songs, thank you! thank you both! im writing a paper right now but i promise ill listen to them before the nights over!
Very well-played. Great voice, but a bit 'pitchy' at times. Really excellent song. Great solo. I love how much feeling you put into this. It makes the song incredible.Ignoring quality, I love this a lot. Would like to hear this recorded more properly. Lots of soul here. Keep it up, man.

Crit for crit?
Thanks! yeah it was late in the night when i recorded it so my voice was very tired, i shall check yours outs