I'm torn between the Fender Rumble 350 head with Rumble 410 cab,


And the Eden E410C Combo


I play Metal (plan on joining a Death Metal band in the Seattle area.) I'm going for a tube-y, bass-y sound. I play finger style. You can see the gear in my sig, if that makes any difference.

I ask because I'm not sure how the Eden would sound. I of course have an idea of how the Rumble will sound. The only sound samples of an Eden I could find was a head plus cab that a very high end bass was playing through. Not sure how it would sound with the gear I'd put in front of it.

Weight is not an issue.

Does anybody have experience with this Eden? Could someone explain the significant differences between these two rigs?

This does seem like a crazy question now that I've typed it out but I wanna make sure I make an informed decision with my money.

Thanks in advance!
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I used a GK 410 cab for multiple metal bands over 5 years and was heard just fine. I'm actually selling it now if you're anywhere near Philadelphia.

I've never heard the fender 410's but Eden cabs sound great (especially with Eden heads. I picked up a WT400 recently and played through a cab similar to that one.. Though not sure of the model)

What head will you be using?
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I will second the Eden cabs. I have an Eden 210 and I've played through the 410s as well. Really nice sounding well balanced cabs with great response in the lows and the highs.
Are you needing a head too? I wouldn't expect a tube sound from a Rumble...
A GK MB500 and a Sansamp would give you headroom, cleans, and good tubey grind, and DI options.

Avatar is nice too, as well as carvin on a budget. What are you looking to spend though. Might find a 2x10 and 1x15 for cheaper when looking into quality 4x10's.
Eden cabs are voice for Eden heads.It's about as good as it gets.The FEW Avatars I've played sounded really good for the money.I.ve got an SWR pre fender Super Redhead with 4-10 Emminence,s in it,But it,s a 350 combo.I love the way it sounds for blues,ain't got a clue about Death Metal.
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Thanks guys, I have made my decision. New rig is in the sig.
Main Basses:
Warwick RB Corvette 5
Douglas Sculptor 825 NA Fretless 5

Main Rig:
Sansamp>GK Backline 600>2 GK BLX 210 Cabinets