I was wondering if there are any tips for practicing writing or any tips in general. I have barely started writing, so if there are anyways I could practice I would love to know.

Also with using metaphors in a song, how can I come up with one? Should it be something everyone can relate to or just something personal to me?
(I know this sounds incredibly stupid... because it is ha ha)

Thanks for the help!
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A good idea that pretty much changed my songwriting approach completely is this. Write first, think later. Write down whatever comes to your mind in terms of words, think about the logistics and meanings of your phrases later on.

A good idea as well is to start with a tune and rythym, in my experience, the words will simply write themselves if you come up with a good tune that inspires you.

And write something that relates to your personally. Because, unless you've got an extremely unique lifestyle, what relates to you will relate to someone else on some level! Most people run to music for relief from the same problems that the artist writes about. Keep it up, and lemme know via message if you've got any recordings or lyrics you'd like some feedback from!
Heres a writing tip :
Write you request for writing tips in the right forum.

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