I own an epiphone les paul ultra II and the plastic stereo jack plate broke so i need a new one.
i want to make it like they did the updated Ultra III models.
it's the same design basically, except metal.
although the newer models have the usb port so its not the same plate size.

i was hoping for gold plated nickel if possible.
I'd be able to pay for it of course.

please contact me if you could do this and we'll go from there
so this but gold?


I'm not too familiar with the ultras so this is off a bit of research. Possibly some painting if youre not too concerned with it being perfect. You may be able to find an actual gold one as well. I know they make them, the first one i saw was on ebay on an ended listing though.
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that seems right, but it's not the same size as what i need.
i saw that when i was looking online for replacements.
it says its 2 3/8" x 1" while the one i have is 2 13/16" x 1 1/4"
all the gibson ones i could find were the same size as the Carvin as well.
Well there goes my best shot... Have you tried contacting Epiphone directly? They may have laying around they'd likely be willing to part with.
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i sent Epiphones customer service an email friday hoping to get a response by now but I'll have to wait until tomorrow when the business week starts again.
im not holding out hope for them to come through, im seeing it as a backup currently
Search on eBay for "twin jack plate."

A UK seller has something that COULD work for £3.50, but you'd need to check the dimensions and radius.
Still no word from Epiphone, and the dimensions for the eBay plates don't seem correct.
the jacks for my inputs are pretty bulky (particularly the nanomag input) and i don't think they would fit that close together,
the holes on the stock one are much farther apart