Advantage Out 1:52 The Mall
Fortune Teller 3:43 My Fictions
Fixin To Die 2:58 Chuck Ragan
**** What You Know 1:20 All Teeth
Save Yourself 2:55 Mahria
Buses/No Buses 3:14 Bear vs. Shark
Soldier Boy (Kill Them) 3:05 Scroobius Pip
A Little Bit of Solidarity Goes a Long Way 3:26 And So I Watch You From Afar
Don't Mind If I Do 2:18 Mac Miller
The Deer in the Basement 1:54 Dads
Bratty B 1:43 Best Coast
All Medicated Geniuses 3:24 Pretty Girls Make Graves
4 1:54 John Cota
Roll The Dice 3:46 Mickey Avalon
Your Heart Is A Muscle The Size Of Your Fist 3:41 Ramshackle Glory

3/11 - brad6969
3/18 - datskramzkid
3/25 - DJ B-P 'n' da HEE-Z
4/1 - Pandy
4/8 - Geoff
4/15 - Sean
4/22 - Hayden
4/29 - Ian
5/6 - SeveredSurvival (BOYAN DA BOY WONDA)
I'm an asshole.
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Quote by punkforlife93
Best playlist name and good jams. Surprised but happy you have Chuck Ragan on there, listening to it now.

Chuck Ragan is the man, I saw him live acoustic with Matt Skiba and it was like watching a grizzly bear play guitar and howl.
I'm an asshole.
Surprised you like Mac Miller. Dig the playlist.
Shotty you're a ten, I wait for your drunk dials at 2:30 AM
No comments on the stick and poke of the matching tattoos of my user name or the sucker fish or the really really crappy pg. 99 guy... bummer.
I'm an asshole.
I've seen the tattoos before.

... Mac Miller?
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