hey guys, could you please critique my vocals?
The recording is pretty trashy and the song is work in progress, but I would love some feedback.
I'm a beginner singer/bass player, and I know I must learn much more about singing, but maybe you have some tips.

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it's a bit pitchy at times, but honestly....probably not enough that an untrained ear will notice. All in all, if you're just beginning, it doesnt sound bad. the only thing i can recommend with any confidence is warmups, you can you tube them. if you warm up beforehand you'll notice you have much more control over your voice. the notes will just slip out. the good news is, you seem to have a decent ear. you're in key most of the time, except for the pitchy parts, but its def a good start. if you really want to put in work, see a vocal coach. they can instruct you on proper posture, breathing, warmups and exercises to expand range and find where your natural register is. idk where you're from but here in chicago, there are some bands with terrible singers that still manage to get pretty decent gigs and you're better than some of those singers already. dont get me wrong, you've got some work to do, but the main thing is just the same as anything else.....practice properly and often and you'll get there. hope this helped.
Thanks That helped indeed.
I'll try to find a coach, but right now I try to get by with home study programs.