Putting this in hardcore because we all know what happens to breakdowns in the metal forum.
Absolutely loving this guy's project. He's basically just gone "screw it, I wanna write music that I can play Sonic too" and I think he's done a much better job at mixing his influences than 95% of those chiptunecore bands going around, even if the production is pretty sterile. Lava Canyon's synths are pretty much the greatest thing I've heard all year.

I think it KINDA works... Not completely, but there's something to be said for videogame music feeling kinda "mechnical". Seriously though, every time the little synth run starts in Lava Canyon, I just start giggling like a school girl. So good. Have decided to name it nindjento.
Fuck that, start a self aware chiptune-djentcore project of your own and call it Nindjento.
So is the amount of win those synths produce. CAN'T GET OVER THIS FREAKIN' SONG.
The riff at 2:16 in Lava Canyon, holy fuck, I AM playing Sonic right now.
Lava Canyon is the shit.

I've decided that play throughs of this album will see me skip tracks 3 and 4, because the Warp Zone is always in level 2.
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Love it.
Zone 3 is so funky, though. I want to collab with this guy for the next StC release.

Magedit: After hearing enough 8-string riffs, I now want to call him Mesega.

Magedit Part II: The editening; http://skysanctuary.bandcamp.com/track/starlight-fortress-final-boss
Holy hell, YES. So much swagger.
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The only problem I have with this is that the guitar tone is pants.
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I'll give it a listen, but forewarning, I hate djent.

EDIT: Yeah, can't say I like it, kinda fun but just really not something I enjoy
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Magedit: After hearing enough 8-string riffs, I now want to call him Mesega.

Joey from Sky Sanctuary here.

Just seen this, thanks for the feedback. Glad to see other people are enjoying it too It seems Lava Canyon is the most popular which is great to hear, as it was the last track to be written before the release of the album!

@Magero, I would totally be down for a collab. Just let me know.

As for the whole "Nindjento" thing, I believe I was coined that when I put my first demo out, I've just kept to "8-Bit Prog Metal" though :P

There's more to come soon, in the mean time I'll leave you with this if you haven't seen it already: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s9zb896YIA

When I heard "Videogame influenced "djent"/prog metalcore" I thought Last Chance to Reason, but these guys use the whole 8 bit thing and all. Quite interesting.
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@Magero, I would totally be down for a collab. Just let me know.

So. Much. Yes.

Seriously, I'll hit you up via FB. Throw a few ideas, see what happens.
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