im setting up my ibanez rg370dx and what i wana know is that should the guitar go out of tune wheni bend the strings with the locking nuts all the way off? or should it stay in tune even then? and if the guitar is perfectly setup should it be a 100% tuned even after the use of a whammy bar?
if the locks are open and your tremolo moves it will go out of tune, so yes when you bend a string the tremolo will move and will go out of tune. You need to keep them locked at all times for it to stay in tune properly.
Assuming that you have properly stretched the strings, once you lock the nut down and bend/whammy, the guitar should stay in tune.

I have a locking on my ESP and I basically tune it. Lock it and double check the tuning. Then I can bend and do all the crazy whammy I want. But in the end, it should still be in tune. Just make sure the strings are stretched and that the strings are warmed up before you lock.

Like if you tuned them and locked them while they were cold, and tried to play a gig where it's hot, they will go out of tune.
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