i know stacatto means a very short note but how is it used when soloing? i just lift my finger up to end the note while paul gilbert used his pick to stop the note.
You can shorten notes by muting with either hand.
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Staccato isn't just playing a note as short as possible.
They're normally played for half the duration of the normal note. e.g. When there is a quarter note, it's executed as an 8th note followed by an 8th rest.

If you just play the note as short as possible, it doesn't sound very music and interrupts the phrase.

Now as far as technique, I believe you can use your palm to mute the note or use the pick. Lifting your finger "works." However when trying to do faster staccatos or when playing faster, more technical music, you may find the habit of lifting your finger off the note cumbersome.
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