So yeah im looking to start a band
Im looking for a guitar player, drummer, bass player, etc
I can sing/scream and am a very actiive lyrics writer. I have become very good and want to get right into making origonal works
As far as a genre id say emo, screamo, post hardcore, that sorta thing
have strong influences from bands like Senses Fail, My Chemical Romance, The Used, Alesana, From first to last.
Im 17 so I would prefer a four year gap maximum but would be willing to make exceptions based on skill.
I live in Brampton, Ontario, but am willing to work with people a bit far (like Toronto, Missusaga)
I only want people who are serious and want to make it big, get famous, all that bullshit. No hobbie stuff lol.
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im more into thrash but i live in ottawa and will help spread the word (also im 13)

Wow thanks alot man ^^ much appreciated. I have a bit of a metal side and am a fan of all influences.