hello people. I have a ibanez SAS32ex that i mainly use for my lower tuning songs. The guitar is confortable, sounds ok on my amp(modded valveking) and sounds pretty good on my line 6 UX2. But i have the impression the pickups lack clarity, mids and mess up the sound.

So is it worth it to put new pickups(and new knobs) in this guitar? i don't expect it to be a top notch guitar but just to sound good enough to be usable in recording and on stage.
You would do well in changing the pickups, especially if you enjoy playing the guitar. Just about every pickup that Ibanez themselves make are incredibly subpar.
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Yep, I used to have an SAS32EX and it sounded 10+ times better when I swapped the pickups.

I put DiMarzio D'Activators in there which are great for distortion although if you do want to go that way I would recommend a D'Activator bridge and then maybe something like an Air Norton for the neck to get a better tone.
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