Hi folks, i posted these in the main board of recordings but it seems this is a more suitable location for it.
Both these songs were just me messing around with either guitar or sampling (with a MIDI keyboard) and then letting them progress naturally.

EDITED for newer tracks

Confront the Familiar Was playing around with vocal samples for this one, I'm aware some of the guitar chords sound a bit muddy; so frustrating to EQ them.

Urban Reveries I spent ages finishing this track, quite happy with the piano, and the break towards the end.

I'll happily crit in response to anybody, cheers.
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Track A
Very intuitive Love it when the drums come in it really drives the song. I think a build up would really compliment this track. Possibly the strings i heard could build it up and then explode xD The Duel guitars are bad ass. I noticed the drums are clipping a bit in your mix to the point where they distort a bit. You should probably look into that. Other then that I loved it
9/10 This is awesome chilling music
Track B

Not sure about the timing for the sitar on this track the sitar seems slow for some reason and it bothers me a little since I'm not used to out of time tunes. Ehm this seems alittle out of my comfort listening zone. When the guitar comes in it lives up the track a bit but the beginning.

6/10 very experimental I would say Just not my cup of tea. Please take everything I've said with a grain of salt.

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"Track A":
I'm not really into House or anything, but this is catchy. I really like when the guitar comes in. It has a great tone and doesn't feel too thin at all. Nice phase effect. Real warm atmosphere here. For House, this seems real mellow. I like that.

"Track B":
Interesting intro, but seems a little empty to me. 0:54 is sick when the drums come in. I don't really like the violin section at that part. It just doesn't fit at all. This track seems a bit all over the place to me. It needs to be more solid and have a better arrangement. Guitar is really cool at 2:08 when it comes in. Sweet solo and a great tone.

Crit for crit?
Interesting tracks. I like "Urban Reveries" more than "Confront the familiar".

The piano is really catchy and fits the beat quite well I'd say. The guitar melody at the beginning could use a variation or harmony, but the guitar is still great. For some reason, this tune actually reminds me of the Silent Hill theme.
This is really good! You obviously know what you're doing. Keep up the good work! I loved the talking in Confront the Familiar. Plus that's a rad name for a song!

Good job!