Not sure how to word that correctly. I'm not a guitarist, but looking around for an inexpensive and simple device to delay audio at signal level to headphones. I need to eliminate an approx 80ms echo problem when headphones and speakers are used together.

Unable to make use of PC applications/software which is commonly how DJs deal with this.

This was the only thing that fit the bill...

...but it turns out that it only provides 50ms increments which leaves me too far on either side of that 80ms sweet spot and echo still is a problem.

I'm wondering if I might adapt the following for my needs....

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Can the controls on this unit be set to delay the audio to correct latency issues, or is delay always produced as echo or reverb? I expect that the pedal would need to be fastened shut permanently.

Signal is analog stereo from 3.5mini plug behind television set. Signal is sent to a very small integrated amplifier. Headphones are plugged into the amp.

Thanks so much for any help on this.

I realize I may have to fiddle a bit with level matching for this to unit to work with the signal levels typically fed to the AUX inputs of a stereo integrated amplifier.
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Theoretically possible. Setting delay time to 80 Ms, 1 repeat, level at 100, connect a dummy connector to the dry out and headphones to the wet out.

Possible issues- firstly, you cant run a stereo signal into an analog mono input. Youll end up with only once channel of audio into your headphones- only way would be if you bought two delay pedals and two AB pedals and set it up like this-

Audio> AB pedal> A channel- Delay 1, B channel delay 2- Wet outputs>AB pedal 2 A and B channel sin reverse > Headphones.


This would work, since it has stereo ins. However, another problem springs up.

. Secondly, I doubt you can set an exact 80ms delay since it has analogue potentiometers.





Youll still need an A/B pedal or some sort of two to one input connecter as both need two outs in stereo mode.
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