I've been playing guitar for 1 year.
I play metalcore and deathcore songs.
(bmth - medusa (without solo) Blacklist , it never ends | chelsea grin - sonnet of the wretched , cheyne stokes |
But i have some problems about speed.
I always work on metronome before learning songs but i don't know how to learn fast songs

Guide To All Techniques Sticky;
2.2 - How to play FAST!

(the rest of that guide is definitely worth a read too - Ill just quote that section)

Quote by Freepower
2.2 How to play FAST!

What you want to cultivate is the ability to stay this relaxed at all times (read section 2.1 those who skipped ahead ), and learn to make every movement as flawless as possible – bear in mind, these two combine to make one’s playing fast, so don’t ask – “How do I play faster?”

Ask – “How do I make these motions more relaxed and economical?”

In everything you practice you want to make your motions as small as possible and as relaxed as possible (providing it sounds good! There’s no point practicing incredibly small wimpy sounding picking motions – all you’ll end up with is wimpy sounding blur-fast picking).

Those concepts are universal – not only do they apply to all guitar technique, but all technique for all instruments (that I’m aware of!). (and to fencing, which I did for a bit) Finally, your technique may be very good when practicing slowly, but still poor when playing fast. You must be consistent at all tempos or your body learns a different set of rules for each! Bring up the tempo slowly and see if you can find where/if you change your playing styles, and then correct it.
When you practice slow enough (and I’m talking about LESS THAN 25BPM), you’ll find you can keep track of good posture, clean playing and economy of motion… and then when you speed up, your play goes back to the same old crap methods you had. That’s because you need to bring up the tempo very very slowly – what tempo can you play perfectly at? Practice at that until you can play a little faster equally well, and then continue. This process can take weeks between stages, so don’t get frustrated when it does take a long time.

The good news is that what you’re practicing slow still improves your “playing” (you know, when you aren’t practicing!) technique and speed. It’s just that slow is the most effective way to practice!

The slow practice builds up “muscle memory”, which means that with enough repetitions they can reproduce the motions you’ve put them through – and if those motions are perfect, then you’re going to be playing extremely well. This muscle memory is what’s really doing the physical side of playing in anyone with any technical ability – their mind is coming up with the notes, and then their fingers can sort out how to play them and play them by themselves!

Check out this vid if your prefer learning from videos - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNhhyrnINIU

This guide was written by Freepower, who deserves a
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I like Hydra's post (quote) a lot. Listen to that guy.

Here's some of my input too. You shouldn't worry about to much speed rather than having fun and making music. You can be systematic with it and practice till you are technically perfect but why not play songs in your ability range too and jam out? I find that it's much funnier and you get practice and knowledge if you break songs up and figure out the componets of theory that make the song up.

Just my 2 cents.
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Quote by Xter
I like Hydra's quote a lot. Listen to Freepower.

My personal advice to speeding up is to isolate a lick or riff that is giving you trouble, type the tab (or find it on UG) into GuitarPro and slow it down to like 1/3 the speed - repeating a lick at this speed will be very boring but will ingrain it into your brain. Then (as my first quote explains) focus on playing it perfectly. Make use of the 'speed trainer' function on GuitarPro which allows you to gradually increase the speed of something from for example 50% speed to 70% speed, going up 2% each repetition. Dont rush the speed increases as you start to get faster, make sure you can play it absolutely flawlessly at 50%, and the flawlessly at 60%, then 70%, then 75% etc ...
Speed will come with proper practice and with time (patience is a virtue).
But boys will be boys and girls have those eyes
that'll cut you to ribbons, sometimes
and all you can do is just wait by the moon
and bleed if it's what she says you ought to do
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