Hey dude,

Thanks for your crit/compliments. Though I would post on here to reply to bump this up rather than mine.

Could I ask where the bung notes were? Couldn't hear them myself, it's relatively new and haven't had it setup really. I was probs pressing too hard.

I really like the agile actually. The pickups are a bit shit but knew that when I bought it. As I'm in the UK I thought I would try it (as costs a lot to ship) with shit pickups first then if I like get some emg 808s or duncan blackouts in them. I think the problem is I can't really get much of a 'low' tone for the lower notes on the lowest string. Maybe its the pickups, maybe it's my amp, not too sure but sounds really messy down there a 7string may have been more appropriate... The neck is really wide though thin. Can't complain about that. Though will still pick up my RG for most things I think.

Liked your Age of Reckoning theme too :] What kinda guitar is that you're playing? Don't think I've seen them before. Got Duncans on it?

It's not Guile's Theme but it's awesome. Bump ^^

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