Good job man, you should do it with vocals! Surprisingly good mix considering it was all done on iPad! I really enjoyed this (awesome song). The perfect effect choice as well, the tone of your guitar goes perfectly with the rest of the track.

Loved the solo, was friggin' awesome!!! I like how the distortian subtly comes in, well done!

Good cover man!

Could you crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1524049
Thanks ever so much for the nice comments man, I really appreciate it I may have to give an acoustic cover a go with vocals now haha
Quote by josh stringer
Just a quick cover of about a girl by nirvana.
Looking for constructive criticism and will happily give c4c


Thanks guys

Hey man, good sound. I know zero about iPads but that sounded really good. My favourite Nirvana song actually.

Well played, I also liked your video editing. You should definitely do an acoustic version with some vocals, I'd listen to it. Keep it up.

C4C? The link in my signature takes you to my SoundCloud.
This is definetly a classic Nirvana song, its easily one of my favorites. You did a pretty good job on this man! I liked the effects you used for the verses and solo, and the playing was overall pretty good. I definetly think the editing is one of the best features of the video, you did a real nice job on that, especially given you did it all from an iPad. I agree with everyone else though that you should try learning to sing with the song! This would be a relatively easy song to learn to sing to so you should definetly give it a try. Either way keep up the hard work man! If you dont mind doing a C4C the link to my YouTube page is in my sig. I'd appreciate your opinion on any of the covers I've done

thanks very much every one i have given you all c4c
haha i actually find it a lot easier to record audio/video and edit it all together on my ipad than my laptop

peace out
Well, I don't know anything about recording on an iPad, but this is really cool, homie. There are a few points where your timing starts going slightly off, but you immediately rectified it, so there's no biggie there. I don't know, I think the only negative thing I have to say is that your distortion seems to be a little on the high side. The clean guitar was very nice, though! Also, like everyone else mentioned, your video editing is pretty awesome, too. lol
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