its as easy as that, i have $800 to spend, whats the best guitar i can get for that amount of money? preferably acoustic/electric. Im open to all suggestions but theres a few martins that look nice for that price, i feel like lower end taylors aren't that great....ur just buying the name? thoughts?
there is no "best guitar" - only the guitar that's best for each individual. are you looking for a dread, an OM or 000, a jumbo or something smaller? do you prefer a wider or thinner neck? a brighter tone, more balance or more bass? here's a variety of acoustic electric guitars worth a look. i've owned seagulls and a blueridge, and have played many of each, btw, and like both.

wider neck with beautiful, well balanced tone, nice wider neck (1.8" nut)

all solid, cutaway, great value, slender neck

purty, solid top, cutaway, mini jumbo, wider nut (1.8")

all solid mini jumbo, wider seagull nut

all solid, cutaway, more bass than a lot of guitars this size
mahogany version
rosewood version

and the blueridge all solid sitka/mahogany dread

all solid seagull dread with thinner nut and cutaway
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Anyways, it all comes down to what YOU like. But I'd be glad to give you recommendations.

first off, +1 to everything mentioned above (ESPECIALLY the Seagulls - most notably the S6 (first one linked))

Breedlove C250

Guild GAD-30

Washburn WD25SCE

do you mind if you buy used guitars? I find that there is a jump in sound and tone after you hit $1000-1200 which is about 700-800 used....


Larrivee L-03

Larrivee D-03

Martin D-15