Just curious if anyone knows a good link to a group of video tutorials to help learn Reaper. Like i would like to know pretty much the in's and out's of reaper and how to eventually master music.

is there a resource that you guys head to when you want to advance your learning in Reaper?
A few months ago Groove3 had a promotion where you could get 15 days of unlimited access to their whole catalog and I really enjoyed the Mixing, Mastering, and Production series. This was before they had a Reaper 4 video so I've never tried any of their DAW instructional videos. However, based on the quality of the other tutorials, I have no doubts that the DAW vids are just as good.

I found Reaper to be very intuitive and for anything I needed help with the Reaper forums or Wiki usually had an answer. That said, I know I'm not taking full advantage of a lot of the Reaper features, especially the customization capabilities, but I've gotten pretty comfortable with my work flow and I just haven't found the time to sit down and learn all the ins and outs.
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There's a ton of good Reaper vids online
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