I've been looking at some vintage Teisco guitars on eBay, they're cheap as chips and look just as tasty. Alot of them are being sold as spares and repairs and what not but I want something a bit different with a sixties garage sort of sound.

Question is, is it worth spending £200-£300 on an old-timer that might be an absolute shed, or just getting a modern replica that'll most likely be in better condition?

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Depends on how much you care about mojo. An old one will be dripping with mojo, and can play almost as good as a new one with a good setup and maybe a couple parts replaced. A new one will play well out of the box, it just hasn't been around for 40 years. Vintage gold foil pickups are fantastic, I'm not sure about reissue ones.
They can be a bit of a hit and miss situation. I wouldn't buy one off ebay if I couldn't try it first.
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^yeah, I have an old del rey from early to mid 70's, and regardless of the condition it was in I wouldnt pay more than 50-100 gbp for one. I can understand wanting that sort of aesthetic, but teisco wouldnt be near the top of my list for companies that do that. I'd probs go for a reverend or an older jazzmaster or something like that.