The other day, my friend and I replaced the nut on his fender acoustic, since all the slots were worn down and it buzzed a lot. Today, he caller and said that the first fret creates the same note as the open string (I.e. the first fret of the high e is an e instead of an f.) My only guess as to what's wrong is that The nut is too high, but it didn't look much hither than the first. I really have no clue what's wrong, and I wont have access to the guitar until tomorrow. Anyone have any ideas?
sounds like your friend is stoned, because that's not possible unless he thinks the first fret is on the wrong side of the nut. maybe he had it tuned a half step down and forgot to take his retard medicine?
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ouch ! he accidentally pulled off the fret when he removed the nut? and then put the nut and fret on backwards??? dude ! gimme some of that stuff your friend has ! at least a @ to his dealer.