Im not familiar with this particular DT track on first impressions you guys have done a good job on all the playing. Guitars parts sound good and executed great, although i wasnt sure about the verb on the intro ryth guitar. The synths and piano playing were bang on the money. Female or male vox?? Again very clear and did not seem to be struggling with Labrie range. Bass guitar was solid as a rock. The drums were quite far back in the mix i would have liked them to be a bit more dominant.

Good job folks never easy trying to tame a DT song, this is a sterling effort
Sounds great right from the start. The bass is rather higher in the mix than the original, but I like it like this Different vocals style, but pretty decent. Playing is very good. Agree with Shaun Steel about the drums, but overall it's a good mix. Overall, excellent cover!

C4C my original?