Hey guys

Just picked up my brand new POD X3 pro today, sounds great through my 4x12 but when i run it though my PC to record i get some weird frequency fuzz, its not a white noise sound but imagine scrolling a high pass filter really fast over a wide frequency range, weird?!

What makes it even weirder is that i had a POD X3 bean that i just sold for near on a year and never had this problem once, im running exactly the same set up

Guitar > X3 > PC via USB2.0 > DAW (reaper)

It isnt a problem with Reaper as the same thing happens when playing music from Itunes, youtube on chrome and firefox ect.

And just to make it that much more annoying, its only the headphone jack, the L+R outs on the back sound pristine?!?!

Any help with this guys?