Okey folks,
I want to buy a mid priced guitar to take it to rehearsels, small gigs and everywere. I have a PRS custom 24 which is my girl, a Gibson custom shop es-335. I can buy a Fender American Stratocaster Deluxe for about 850 used and a Gibson LP studio black ebony for 699 used too and i dont know what to do D: I have the option too of buying a Prs se ( i love prs) but have been said that tuners and PU on SE really suck so dont know what do do at this momment. I need the guitar cause i dont want to risk my prs nor gibby of take a scratch. I use a Fender Deville tube amp and many boos pedals. So what Do u recomend People!!!!!!! D
What style of music are you playing? But of the bat I'd go with the strat seen as your other guitars are in a two humbucker style so in the interests of adding value and new sounds to your arsenal the strat will do more for you.
Mostly Christian Contemporary, Blues, some jazz and a lot in church and this guitar should be mostly for chruch.
Strats aren't popular in jazz really but it can be done, I'd go with the Gibson as its similar to your other guitar, so you know exactly how to make it sound good, its cheaper and a better fit for your taste.

But both are great guitars so you can't go far wrong
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The Strat will give you more options and from a purely objective point of view it is the superior guitar (being the top of Fender's production line while the Studio is near the bottom of Gibson production range). But the Gibson scale length and neck is closer to what you currently have; you may simply find that it is more comfortable.

Edit: if you do go for the Strat, try and get the HSS version. The HSS has an LSR roller nut, which vastly helps keep the guitar in tune. The SSS version, I don't know why, lacks this feature.
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I'd second the Deluxe. It really is the best USA non-custom Strat available and the price is quite good if in decent shape.
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The American Deluxe Strat is a vastly superior guitar over the Les Paul Studio. If it is right for you though, only you can tell.
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I use my PRS SE for jazz, I've yet to have any problems with the pickups or the tuners for that matter. They both work great. Try them all out and see which one you like best. I personally would go for the PRS
I'd get the Strat. You've already got two humbucking guitars, plus you said you want to play some more bluesy stuff, go for the Strat
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