I've Been working on this song for exactly one week now. I recorded the guitars, programmed the drums, recorded bass, programmed synth and recorded vocals.

I can't seem to get the vocals to sit properly in the mix, and they sound really muddy as well. ESP the cleans. Any advice is appreciated!

Also if there's any improvements to be made to the music mix I'm all ears!

Here's the link to hear!
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Very heavy I like it. Your vocals seemed a bit muffled I would work on that. It sounds like you have a speaker phone when screaming. The clean vocals are ****in pro. I think the guitars could use a bit more treble. Cause it's a bit muffled. I would EQ the **** out of the guitars till u get the right amount of umph. Little hard to hear the bass. The composition itself is great You just need a better overall mix is all and a bit of mastering.

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Instruments are way too cluttered in the mix. Pan the guitar tracks far left/right. Center is just too much. This would be a really sick track. F**king amazing cleans. I would pay for this if it were properly mixed and mastered. Great effect-use. Sick screams. Need to fix all the mud in the vocals. Pretty much just need better mixing. Awesome music, dude. Keep it up.

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I'm getting some Enter Shikari vibes from this. I like where you're going with it, but as stated, just needs some work with the mixing and a little post production. Get the drum tracks mixed with each other, then EQ the bass drum with the bass guitar to get a balanced mixed between the 2. I'd then review your guitars EQ and cut their lows and pan them outwards more.The vocal track itself sounds great, but yeah its just not sitting well with me....both the cleans and the screams. They both seem to have an odd "tint" to them. What techniques/gear are you using to record the vocals?
I'm notorious for using lots of vocal effects, though I think some of the growling/screaming vocals have too many effects. I never have been a fan of growling, though I like your melodic vocals. The guitar playing is tight. I'm into synths like you have though I'm not sure they fit in with all the heavy stuff (perhaps the synths could be more aggressive sounding). The song is a bit heavy for my taste, though I like it for the most part. Please review my music at this link:

I've taken all of your advice and made quite a few changes today.

the vocals had an amp sim on them addingdistortion...which wasn't a good idea. I actually had forgotten I'd done that.

I panned all guitar tracks left and right, and mixed the bass so it's much louder and thicker...I may need to do some retakes on that.

I've raised the guitars highs about 2db and dropped the lows about .5db. It is sounding much cleaner and brighter...

The synth I'm using is pretty much stock sounds from Rob Papen's Predator...I've never experimented much with sounds and threw in the first thing that sounded cool.

I will give all of your tracks a good listen and comment in the appropriate threads.

Thanks for all of the advice! I'm going to need someone to do some post production if anyone wants to have at it when the mixing is finished... I've just started learning to mix and master somewhat well.

Here's the result of my work today


please keep the comments coming!