Hello I have played bass for over 15 years. I am 26 so for over half my life. Well I have always wanted to play drum always. Not sure if I will be any good. But I have managed to save some money and I want to pick up the Ludwig Epic Pro Beat 5 piece shell. What symbols and hardware fit best into this price range of shells? Any help would be great as I cant tell tit from tat when it comes to drums. The shell pack is 899 at my local GC. When all is said and done I need symbols. Hardware, Double bass pedal, Throne, with the remaining 500 or so, and if anything is left over cheap drum mics for recording with. Any help is thanked in advanced Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.
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Already have a Epiphone Lespaul Nightfall and a line 6 amp. I need drums for recording.
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just pick up a cheap guitar
They sell a pack from ziljdan which has hit-hat, crash and ride symbol, which is basically everything you'll need to start learning.
500 is a stretch to pick up all those items with decent quality, but you can always go the used route. I'd check out the Sabian XS series for cymbals they're on the cheaper end of things but are moulded not pressed so they're better than most cheap stuff. As far as hardware just ask whoever you buy it from what kind of deal they'll give you. You don't have to worry too much about that stuff unless you're gigging.
Meinl HCS come with hihats crash and ride. They sound pretty good for a beginners kit. I wouldn't get a double pedal right away because good ones are pricey and you need to take things slow.
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