Hey guys, what is new besides Courtney Love´s being a ***** main articles ? just kidding

I want you guys to please help me with this Band 5 Oath Broken, we are band that has been around for a year and 2 months now, we play metalcore, we try to have a different sound from the ohters metalbands here in Santo Domingo, let me draw the picture for you guys.

Santo Dominco, Republica Dominicana, the caribbean bro :p, as you may be thinking here most people do not listen to metal or any other than Bachata and Reggaton, but we do have a small metal music scene, all the others bands are good and we are on our way to get a lot more adepts to our music, 5 Oath Broken along others of course.

We play metalcore as i already said, and i´d like to think that the sound of 5 Oath Broken is kinda unique yet not better than any other band just unique, we try to be heavy yet melodical because we think the scene at least here in my country is too heavy to appeal to new listeners, you know those badass breaks along with Satan´s growl for 4 minutes straight, some guys just won´t fall for it, and as much a i like deathcore myself, i like the music i am doing so much more, why would do that be ?

I am lead guitar of 5 Oath Broken and here are some videos of our band playing a in a concert and rehearsals, i want you guys to give advices about the perfomances and please write what you think of the sound we have, how you like our guitars or our drum or how much you dislike them.

Thank you so much just for reading, but try a video of our and if you like any of the songs, please feel free to go


Here are the videos

5 Oath Broken- Agaisnt the emperor

5 Oath Broken- I never saw this coming

5 Oath Broken- Agaisnt the emperor ( Better quality)

5 Oath Broken Cover- Through Struggle

Thanks a lot guys !