I have googled every combination of Laid, back, slap, bass, chill, slow, groove and found absolutely nothing. Want to get into slap a little, and fell like i'd be up for starting with this kind of stuff.

Slow paced, funky and laid back. It has to groove. Mostly thumb with the occasional pop sounds good to me, but I can handle a bit of extra poppage too. Bass really isn't my area of expertise so I have no idea where to start, for comparison, something like Jamiroquoi's "virtual insanity", Particularly the chorus.

So suggest me something super chill and funky!

Please for the love of god, don't say any of the following

higher ground
brick house
fly away
thank you for lettin' me be mice elf
take the power back

or any song that isn't actually a slap bass part, or anything with crazy fast percussion, or wooten esque chops.

Many thanks!
well, i happened to develop my slap technique by playing can't stop slap part in my practice... kinda like a foolin around thing between the serious parts of my practice. still, i've been doing that for like four months, and it started soinding well after two months, and rigth now it's becoming groovy, cause i started playing ghost notes in between... and also, i'll continue developing my slap technique for a long long time.

however, i can say now that i can slap some simple basslines. not too long ago i used to spank my bass instead of slaping it
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maybe undisclosed desires - muse
Slap generally isn't what comes to mind when one thinks of "laid back." It was invented to compensate for the lack of a drummer, so you're talking about something percussive and driving by nature. You might find something in Jazz Fusion music, y I can't think of anything that fits the bill off of the top of my head. Now if you're goal is simply to learn slap, there are plenty of good instructional videos out there. Pay attention and work hard, and you'll nail it. It doesn't come easily (most techniques don't), but you'll master it eventually.
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Slap generally isn't what comes to mind when one thinks of "laid back."

I play nothing but slap bass and I can't think of anything really, maybe lonnies lament or the sun dont lie (a few minutes in) by marcus miller.

if you're interested you can pm me and I get you some tabs for a couple of groovy, not too difficult basslines, though I think it helps a lot if you set yourself a goal and dedicate a reasonable amount of time to reaching it, worked wonders learning some of marcus miller's stuff.
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My slap at the moment is pretty okay really, I'm not super clean, but i'm not a slop fest either. Like the usual beginner stuff is a little too easy for me, but then the advanced stuff is a little too hard. Just looking for a middle ground, where it's not crazy fast, but there's enough to keep me busy.

Some stuff I can play, Pow, Virtual insanity, Couple of level 42 riffs (the machine stops and love games) and my name is mud. I'm looking for something kind of mid paced and funky.

I get the feeling i'll be able to handle RHCP okay, but if you think of anything of theirs that goes beyond the octaves feel free to throw it out.
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Marcus Miller - Power

meh, no use playing the whole song without getting the double thumbing part. Rather check into run for cover or this version of scoop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHdN_O5k3WM

I actually tabbed this one out, the way I play it at least.

also, dont use the same style as flea does or you'll never be able to doublethumb properly.
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Tom Scott - Apple Juice
David Sanborn - As We Speak

Both recordings from the early '80's with Marcus Miller.
And the classic Fender Rhodes sound from Richard Tee.
Just the two of us - Bill Withers has a cool little slap bass section
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Got it.

Mr Moon by Jamiroquai is exactly the song you're looking for. Nice pace, Chorus has a little fast run but its all hammer ons so its easier then it sounds. Can't think of any others atm but im sure jamioquai have a few other songs laid back slap although youve already mentioned virtual insanity.
Les Claypool's cover of The Awakening.

Edit: Ok, this isn't the greatest of recommendations, but it's the first thing that came to mind.
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