so i usually use audio samples in ableton live for live performances with my band..mostly audio clips from movies as ambience in between songs in our set. I run them in this order....laptop with samples>midi/audio box>DI unit or PA at venue. Ive noticed that almost every single time...at some point...the audio just cuts out in the middle of the samples...i dont understand why. I thought that maybe the gain needed to be turned up a bit on the PA channel it was going to but that didnt work either. it isnt too noticeable but its for like...5-10 seconds...the audio/volume just cuts...then comes right back! i dont understand this...any advice?? i realize this isnt an ableton forum but i thought maybe somebody would have advice on here.
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Could be so many things... buffer settings, your rig, some funny settings in ableton/your rig.
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