hey guys, i'm going to buy a new acoustic guitar and i'm having trouble deciding what to get. i'm mainly turned towards a gibson j-200 or a martin d-45. I'm an advanced player and have about $4,000 nzd saved up. i like guitars with a loud warm bassy tone and something i can do blues'y soloing stuff but strum well too.

I'll tell you now I don't own either, but from my experience playing both of them I would buy the Gibson, it has a lot of bass, and it just plain sounds good
This is what our "sticky" on buying an acoustic guitar has to say on the subject of Gibson vs Martin: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1233360

At this price point, I think you buy the guitar, not the brand. To complicate things, there's also Taylor and Larivee in this price point.

One thing I think is true, is that Gibson is better known for their jumbos, and Martin for their dreadnaughts.

Guild makes some fine acoustics also, they're just a little less discussed.

Point here being, I don't know if you're shopping on an, instinctive / brand memory level, or you've already considered anything other than Gibson or Martin and dismissed it.

Basically, the premise of "Gibson vs Martin", is pretty much an argument looking for a place to happen. It's right up there with , "Stratocaster vs. Les Paul".
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forget everything else and buy a breedlove
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If you're planning on spending that much money, just go out to a store with lots of higher end guitars and play them all for a few hours. Don't pigeon-hole yourself so quickly. There are plenty of great guitars out there!
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yeah i've been looking around and so far the j-200 and d-45 have been the best i've played.
my favorite gibson is above your budget unless you find it used, but martin makes some nice guitars in that price range. there are other, high end brands out there, too. a few that come to mind are huss & dalton, collings, santa cruz guitars, all of which may have something that interests you.
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I dunno about either of them, but I played a bloody good-sounding old yamaha the other day. 12 years old or something. Sounded better than some Matons I've played. Seriously.

Probably a bit off-topic.
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Cole Clark, Breedlove, Collings, Yairi, Martin, Taylor, Maton, Stonebridge (or Furch, same brand), Benetau, Froggy bottom, Santa Cruz, Lowden, Avalon

All of these are brands I would consider if I had that kind of money.
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If your thinking about a D-45 then you better keep saving, they are well over 10K in NZ dollars. The closest thing to that sound would be the HD-28, about 3100.00 NZ$. I have owned a HD for some years and it still one of my favorites.

The Gibson J45s or the J-50s are very good alternatives but lack some of the bass found in the Martins, it's more of a dull thud instead of a resonant bass, if you try some that are made before 1973, you will be amazed at the difference between them and the newer ones. If it were me, I would shop the classifieds for a vintage one, I have a 1961 J-50 and I love it.

There are some other good ones mention by other posts here like Collings and Yairi, and few others. Keep your options open and take the time to try them all.
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Well, from what I've experienced, Martin is a favorite of many professional musicians for a reason! Gibson no doubt is high quality as well, but if I were you, I would go for the Martin. But of course, I'm not you, so my best advice would to to try out all the guitars you like, then pick the one you wanna buy based on which one you enjoy playing the most!
i have a '10 samick ASDM that i will grudgingly sell you for that price !( i'll even throw in a set of extra strings... slightly used)