Ok, so about 10 months ago I bought a slightly used Ibanez RG3550MZ in Guitar Center, to which the only problem was a miniscule blemish on the back and a missing trem bar. As i made the case to the seller that i needed a trem bar (as stubborn as i could be), he gave me any one of the spares that would fit in the arm slot. You might already be thinking " oh what an idiot" and whatnot, and i understand, but now i need help to remove said trem bar so that i can purchase an original Ibby trembar and use it. Does anyone have any idea as how to do so? I dont really want to rely on a professional because here in Brazil, service is quite expensive in regards to guitars and such.

Also, i couldn't find any threads addressing this, so if i need to post this on another thread, i'd be happy to.
Thanks for your time.
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Actually I have no idea, but I do know that I managed to break part of a tremolo bar off in the bridge of my old starcaster, and I'm pretty sure the only thing I can do about that would be to buy a new bridge.
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i'm not too familiar with the zeros but if they're similar to other edges there's a screw on the backside of where the bar goes in on the bridge is there a small screw with a spring? if so try loosening that/taking it out before trying to take the bar out
The Edge Zero has a threaded collar, unscrew it, pull trem bar up and out. Straight forward and as simple as it gets. There are no set screws on that trem.

Edit to add pics, if they help any...

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Sorry for not clarifying my problem. I have a non-Ibanez or non-edge zero tremolo bar stuck in my arm slot. The problem here is that it does not have the grooves an ibby arm has, so now im just worried that i won't be able to take it out. Thanks for the responses so far!
If it never belonged there in the first place, your in new waters as for what to do. Based on the fact that the only mechanism in place for that trem is something akin to a spring loaded ball bearing type catch and the locking collar....Take off any collar that is there (if one is) and pull the trem bar out. It may take force. On the other hand, if there has been some form of actual modification to the trem, pulling too hard could damage something. Honestly, we kinda need a few good closeups of the trem bar and where it goes into the guitar.
I'll do what i can as far as pics go, i'm posting most of these comments in school, since i barely have time at home. Ive tried pulling really hard, where not even a slight budge came about. I'll get on those pics