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22 45%
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Voters: 49.
i've been playing guitar for a little over a year now. i have a fender strat and i've been thinking about getting a new guitar. i'm in love with the fender 62 jaguar and was set on getting one until i played up a telecaster. I can't choose! which do you prefer and why? for mostly rock music.
I totally prefer the Jaguar after seeing one in action at a Fender road show. It was the 50th Anniversary edition and it was such a great sounding/feeling guitar. Absolutely awesome. So you know where my vote went :-)

However I do have a very big soft spot for Tele's!
Love the Jag for some stuff and it's super trendy right now. All the rage!

But the Tele is so absolutely versatile -- it has stood the test of time, pretty much NEVER going out of style. Can't say that for very many models. The Jag on the other hand...

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It probably depends on what sort of model your getting, since some tele's and jags have humbuckers etc. but if your talking about your absolute standard telecaster and jaguar, I'd probably go with a tele, but then again I haven't played a jaguar, but I think either one would be fine.
It does indeed depend a lot on what models you're looking at, but also this isn't something you should be having trouble deciding on anyway. The two guitars have a totally different feel; 24" vs 25.5" scale is a large difference. Typically people who like one don't like the other. You should already know which sale length you prefer; buy the guitar with the scale length that suits your hands.
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It really, really depends on which scale length you prefer.
also keep in mind that the jag isnt the most durable guitar...you really need to get a decent bridge for it. however it is a really really nice guitar (i have a jap 66 reissue which i just love everything about).
Neither. Get a strat.
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Quote by thrashdeth
Neither. Get a strat.

He's already got a Strat. I'd go for a Tele myself, but I'm biased, and the decision is mainly based on preferred scale length.
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Tele. I love them as dirt simple rock machines.

that being said, play them. they will feel very different, and you will like one more than the other (Jags feel too "springy" to me, and I don't really get that off other guitars with that scale length)
I have both. Both are fantasic guitars but different beasts!

The Tele is like a Axe and the Jag like a Swiss Army Knife. Take your pick!

Jags are being pushed as this years fashionable choice, so i'd pick the Tele!!!
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