Fairly typical post-hardcore chords used but this really is a beautifully written song. The leads in the 9/8 section were amazing.
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I liked the intro a lot, it was calm and relaxing. The transition to the next section was good too with the chords. I liked the lead that went over it, but it could of been a tad more interesting. Once again a nice transition back into 4/4 time. The strings come in perfectly and everything just fits together well. The 5/4 part was kind of boring, but I understand what you were going for. The outro was nice too and ended it perfectly.

Overall it was a p good song without many faults. Good work.
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Really dug the intro, the drums gave it a nice energetic feel without being too in your face. The start/stop riffing in the next part was done well. I love the way the song seems to hang at bar 22.

The next part was really well done, but you were one chord off from making it sound like Canon

The bass from bars 33-40 seemed to clash with the rest of the song, imo. Should have been on the root note, as predictable as that sounds. Or maybe some noodling within the scale. But I just didn't think it fit. The breakdown at the end was well done but it felt like it was there just for the sake of being there. Outro was fantastic, though.

Overall a pretty great track. Really like the recorded version too.

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well it had been quite awhile since I've logged in to UG, so I thought that today I'd check up on T&C and see how things had changed and found it awesome to find ninja.kitty yet again! I remember always lovin your stuff and I decided to post just to let you know that I'm still loving what you're doing. Sounds great!
Good work man!
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